Ecourse to Overcome Addiction long-term (Step 2)

Unusual But Effective Method For Urges and Cravings

Video showing you how below...

You probably know by now that trying to fight or suppress cravings is tough...

Many people try push these urges and unwanted feelings to the side.

But that doesn't work.

And pushing them to the side or trying to avoid them actually increases the cravings!

Research has shown why cravings and urges are so hard to get rid of…

It all comes down to the brain’s limbic system.

The limbic system is strong and dense part of the brain. This means that signal transmission is much smoother and easier.

This is why cravings and urges seem to come out of nowhere!

The limbic “reward” system developed before rational thought was even upon this earth. It is primal, instinctive and hard-wired in the deepest part of our brain…

Trying to fight, suppress or combat cravings doesn’t just “not work”, research shows it actually feeds them!1

So what do you do instead?

The answer is to trick the brain and use strategy, not brute force or pure willpower to fight those cravings…

9 times out of 10 you will loose…

Urge surfing is one of these strategies that has been proven effective.

Urge surfing training shows you how to react when you feel an urge or craving hit.

What urge surfing does is allows your craving to pass by not getting caught up in it… But to just observe it like a third person…

Watch it in your mind’s eye build up in intensity, hit crest and slowly diminish.

Cravings act very similar to a wave.

Watch the video below to learn how to urge surf…

Research shows that cravings do not usually last longer than 30 minutes. It is when we intervene in their process that they are drawn out!

A. Scott Roberts



1. Bowen, S., K. Witkiewitz, T. M. Dillworth, and G. A. Marlatt. 2007. “The Role of Thought Suppression in the Relationship Between Mindfulness Meditation and Alcohol Use.” Addictive Behaviors 32:2324–2328.