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"I have achieved results that I have never been able to achieve in the past. It has now been thirty-five days since I started and I have not had a cigarette in thirty of those days, nor do I want one."

Nneka Gunn, GA, USA

"Junk food was the only food we'd ever eat. There has been around 40 days since we followed the advice found in the Truth of Addiction ebooks and videos and we can both say our health is back to normal, actually better than ever."

George & Anyram, HH, Germany

In the Membership Area You'll Build A New Life, Where Addiction Becomes a Thing of the Past..

Don't you ever wonder why few people find long-term success? Based on my years of clinical experience, I have found 3 main reasons: They do not have an effective system in place for preventing relapse, the underlying reason that maintains addiction is not addressed, and a new addiction free life is not created.

This is what this membership site does for you. You learn evidence-based ways to prevent relapse, you address the underlying cause and you start building a new life - where you find addiction is no longer necessary...

Take it from me. Unless evidence-based guidelines are used, the source of addiction is addressed, and a new life is created, you will not succeed...

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At no risk to you, you will have access to the Relapse Prevention Course, Career Success Course and the Mindful Transformation Course. This includes over 100 Videos and step-by-step training modules that show you how to build a new life where you can flourish!

Course #1 Relapse Prevention Formula

Relapse is what prevents long-term success. Instead, use proven strategies that include simple tricks and techniques that alter your course toward long-term sobriety. Just changing one simple thing, dramatically diminishes relapse by 90% (everyone misses this!).

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  • Discover the secret to quickly develop skills in evidence-based relapse prevention strategies by watching the easy to follow modules.
  • Learn how to properly address emotions that research shows turns lapses into relapses.1 This includes, fear, anxiety, lonliness, depression and guilt!
  • Discover the secret technique in module #2 to prevent rationalizing and minimizing your use so you can strengthen your follow through.
  • Eliminate your triggers by pinpointing exactly what they are using a self-directed exercise. You will be able to identify your specific triggers that are strenghtened through classical conditioning.
  • Learn how to properly act (not react) to slips when they happen.This is one thing that research has shown is the greatest indicator of successful relapse prevention!
  • Module 3 will show you how to avoid common pitfalls and to use slips as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks. This makes a huge difference in improvement!
  • Have 24/7 access to step-by-step videos and materials in the relpase prevention cousre so you can start right away. You no longer have to delay!

Course #2 Mindful Transformation

It is well known that meditation changes the brain,2 diminishes addiction3 and improves mental health.4 But, in this course you'll realize the power of brainwave entertainment technology that researchers have shown to have a huge impact on anxiety,5 depression,6 addiction,7 mood8 and learn the secrets of personal growth through affirmations and visualizations.

(You will receive a digital product, image for visualization only)

  • Learn the secrets in module 1 to increase confidence in yourself, improve your quality of life and boost your self-esteem by incorporating simple and daily practices that you can use at any time.
  • 80% of our thoughts are negative! 8This makes a huge impact on our ability to reach our goals. Learn the secrets that expert sports psychologists continually use!
  • Transform your mind and body through engaging exercises that have been supported by research to allow natural healing to occur, both mentally and physically.
  • Meditate like an expert through using accompanying brainwave entrainment technology that has shown to bring your brainwaves to a desired state.8 Brainwave entrainment technology has been shown to diminish addiction,9 improve anxiety and depression,10 boost confidence and much more!
  • Break through barriers holding you back from success by first identifying them, re-learning processes and applying new ways of thinking.
  • Aqcuire the art of mindfulness trhough easy to follow training. Mindfulness has been shown to improve recovery in addicted individuals 11 diminishes negative emotions12 and improve general health and well-being.13
  • In module 2 you'll learn the secret to removing self-limiting beliefs by reprogramming your self-talk. Replacing negative thoughts allow us to increase abilities and makes us greatful and happy.
  • Over 50 hours of guided meditations, 30 tracks of brainwave entrainment audio, professionally crafted visualizations and affirmation exercises.

Course #3 Career Success Course

There is a reason that clinicians, psychologists and legislators keep on saying that purposeful and impactful employment boosts long-term success. But it isn't about just finding a job. It's about finding a career you can really flourish in! It all starts with pinpointing your interests, strengths and skills and seeking out environments that allow your personality to flourish. This course is invaluable to building a new life!

(You will receive a digital product, image for visualization only)

  • Gain insight to who you really are and what environments you’ll thrive in. Use our tools and assessments to first determine your strengths, personality, interests and skills.
  • Know what environments you thrive in so you can seek out and flourish in career environments you fit and how it will allow you to find a job you really love.
  • Start leveraging your unique characteristics to make you successful. There is a reason you aren’t satisfied in your job or can’t keep a job. You want one that makes you happy and find purpose in doing!
  • Start building a new life with positive people, develop more friends and lasting relationships. If you want to be happy you need to find purpose in life and throughout your occupation.
  • Discover the secret techniques that lead many to satisfying careers and occupations. Obtaining purposeful and impactful employment leads to long-term sobriety and enduring happiness.
  • Gain access to 7 modules, hours of step-by-step tutorials and tools to guide you through, not just overcoming an addiction, but thriving and flourishing in life!

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This has been really helpful in helping me to quit. The information is very useful and the videos really helped me to finally take a leap of faith.

Dinesh Reddy, New Zealand

This program gave me the confidence I needed to quit. Visualizing and thinking about cravings in a different way is powerful.

Ray Daniels, Australia

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