How Can We Help You?

If you need help with a Truth of Addiction product, you're in the right place

Q: Will anything get shipped to me?
Answer: Nothing will be shipped to you. This is an online program.

Q: Why Only electronic download?
Answer: The Truth Of Addiction program is only available in electronic download format because this allows better distribution and international clients can access it quickly. Purchasing a downloadable product can also save you money because they do not require shipping costs. Shipping to international countries can be quite expensive and delivery can take a great deal of time. Because this system is instantly downloadable, you receive it immediately, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. However, I know that some people prefer having a hard copy. This is why you are permitted to print off one personal copy of the "Truth Of Addiction" eBook and the accompanying materials (but ONLY one copy for personal use).

Q: What is the Truth Of Addiction system and what does it include?
Answer: The Truth Of Addiction System helps you to understand certain evidence -based practices that have been supported by research to reduce cravings, intrusive thoughts and urges to use your drug of choice. It contains:
* A printable version of the Truth Of Addiction eBook
* A Printable version of the Nutrition For Improved Recovery eBook
* 3 videos describing nutrition for improved recovery, mindful practices and a 4 steps system to retrain the brain
* 4 Simple audio exercises using mindful meditation for decreasing cravings and intrusive thoughts to use

You will get every evidence-based component that is necessary to retrain and reprogram your mind/body to help get rid of cravings, urges and intrusive thoughts. The Truth Of Addiction eBook is very insightful and helps you to understand why addiction affect us and those we love, and what methods are backed by science to produce and enduring change.

Q: How fast will I be able to see results?
Answer: Some report feeling different results in less than two weeks. Just reading the Truth Of Addiction eBook can help one to understand what addiction really really is, which can greatly improve and support your recovery efforts for yourself or those you love. Some report feeling effects right away from using the mindfulness training techniques.

Q: Why does this program work?
Answer: This program is the only complete evidence-based program that uses scientifically proven methods to decrease intrusive thoughts, urges and cravings and helps to restore the brain and body. Scientific references are provided. Which these practices are supported by science to make a significant change. This is the only program that gathers the most successful methods into one easy to follow system.

Q: Is your program better than going to a rehab?
Answer: There is a major problem with recovery programs and "rehabs." Many are not based on evidence or even scientifically valid. The current treatment model of addiction has been used since the 1950's and has been proven to have very low success rates. The best methods to help yourself or those you love is to use methods that are scientifically based. Depending on the severity of the addiction, you should talk with your doctor and see if it is right for you.

If you experience any trouble with purchasing this product or have any questions regarding the Truth Of Addiction Program you may send an email to [email protected]
- A. Scott Roberts
Creator of the "Truth Of Addiction" program