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Yes A. Scott Roberts, I would like INSTANT ACCESS to your “Truth of Addiction” course, including the bonus material for only $37!

I understand I will receive:

The Truth of Addiction eBook and videos

The Truth of Addiction program includes:

The Truth of Addiction eBook and Videos. The 4 Step System to Success video series. The Powerful Cognitive Therapy training videos and lifetime of updates and upgrades.

I understand I will also receive:


The Nutrition For Improved Recovery eBook and videos

Nutrition for improved recovery includes:

The Nutrition For Improved Recovery Ebook and step-by-step videos showing you key nutrition that restores depleted neurotransmitters, helps you feel better naturally and improve withdrawal.


YES! Please give me access to the FULL MEMBERSHIP SITE... FREE!

Course #1: Relapse Prevention Formula

Relapse Prevention Formula Course includes:
Step-by-step videos showing you showing you how to commit to quit and stick to it using evidence-based methods. You'll understand common pitfalls and how to achieve long-term abstinence. Don't miss module 3 that will show you effective strategies to manage triggers based on classical conditioning.

Course #2: Mindful Transformation

Mindful Transformation Course includes:
Over 50 hours of recorded guided meditations, brainwave entertainment audio, professionally crafted visualizations and affirmation exercises to transform your life. Overcome your limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind to build confidence and achieve success in practically any area.

Course #3: Career Success

The Career Success Course includes:
7 modules and hours of step-by-step videos and tools to help you understand yourself, your skills, interests, personality and environments that allow you to flourish in life. There is a reason psychologists, clinicians and legislators keep saying that purposeful and impactful employment boosts long term success. It first starts with self-discovery, who you really are and knowing what environments you'll thrive in!

Product Price  
Truth of Addiction (Overcome Addiction Through Evidence-based Methods) $ 37
Full Membership Site Access (Optional) - Free for 7 days then a one time payment of $97. Test drive the membership site and gain access to the Relapse Prevention Course, Mindful Transormation Course and the Career Success Course. Cancel Anytime. $ 0
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I understand I will be given access to the full Membership Site which includes Career Success course, Mindful Transformation course and Relapse Prevention Formula course free for 7 days. I’ll uncover the secrets to creating an addiction free life based on evidence-backed techniques and proven methods to thrive and flourish in life. I will be charged $97 as a one time subscription after the 7 day trial period. If I decide it is not for me during the 7 day trial, I can cancel during those 7 days at any time.


This program gave me the confidence I needed to quit. Visualizing and thinking about cravings in a different way is powerful.

Ray Daniels, Australia

I wanted to let you know that I never thought I had an addiction, but I had a lot of sexual thoughts that make it hard to concentrate. I use to just try to push them away. They were too distracting, but now I practice your technique and I can finally manage them.

Parker Seamons, UK