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Subject: Do you ever wonder why many rehabs don’t work?

Hi [name],

Don’t you ever wonder why people are in and out of rehab and relapse is all too common?

Addiction is largely misunderstood and mistreated. This is becoming recognized on a national level...

With many rehabs, patients spend a few days or weeks in a luxurious facility. This acute care is effective in getting the addicted individual away from the environment they use to use in, but what happens after rehab?

They go right back into the environment they use to use in and often fall right back into the addiction.

The Truth Of Addiction system is an evidence based program that tries to help individuals change from the inside-out...

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Subject: New Program for Overcoming Addiction

Hi [name],

Have you seen the new Truth Of Addiction system?

It is jam packed with information on addiction and how it affects the brain. You'll also find evidence-based ways to overcome addiction using somewhat unusual methods that you probably haven't heard of.

Inside the membership area, you can follow A. Scott Roberts, the creator of the program, as he takes you by the hand and gives you all the training you need to manage urges and cravings on your own.

It also shows you what foods are shown to make you feel better naturally and keep those pesky cravings at bay.

It really has some great information. What's better, is that it's backed up by research and data. It is very easy to follow and gets right to the point. You can check it out here:[Your link here]


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Subject: Overcome addiction at it's source

Hi [name],

The brain is largely misunderstood. When we usually make our first efforts to quit an addiction, we usually try to fight or suppress our cravings when they happen.

But did you know that science reveals this makes the problem worse because it puts our limbic system (survival part of the brain) into fight or flight mode?

Strategy, not force is the way we can overcome addiction. When a craving hits, you need to know how to respond to it so that it can diminish quickly...

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