Step 1: Signing Up To Clickbank

This page will be helpful if you're new to online marketing or do not have any experience as an affiliate with Clickbank.

Clickbank is a trusted 3rd party payment processor that we use for all orders from our website. Clickbank also manages the payouts to affiliates. Before starting to promote the Truth Of Addiction program, you first need to have a valid Clickbank account.

This can be done by signing up to Clickbank directly:

Click here to sign up to Clickbank

All you do is sign up using the link above with your information. Then you will be asked to create a “nickname.” This will be a name that Clickbank will use to identify you and it will be used in your affiliate links.

Once you sign up to Clickbank as an affiliate, you will be able to start promoting our product right away! Remember, we give you a generous 75% commission of each sale through your affiliate link.

But first, you need to know how to create the affiliate link. The next section will show you how.


Step 2: Creating An Affiliate Link

Once you have signed up to Clickbank as an affiliate. Now you need to create an affiliate link so you can start sending traffic to our website.

The process of creating an affiliate link is quite simple, but you need to make sure that it is done correctly.

To create your affiliate link (hoplink) you need to understand the format in which they are displayed.

A Clickbank affiliate link is: http://youraffiliateID.trofad.hop.clickbank.net

In the above link, you would replace “youraffiliateID” with the “nickname” you created when you signed up for the Clickbank affiliate account.

Say your affiliate ID is “john27”. Your link would then look like: http://john27 .trofad.hop.clickbank.net

This is the link that you use to send traffic to the Truth of Addition website. When someone makes a sale using your affiliate link, you will get credit for.

Clickbank uses cookies which help to keep track of the website visitors activity. When you send people to the Truth Of Addiction website using your affiliate link, then the website visitor can purchase the product up to 60 days and you will still get credit for it.

Clickbank Sign Up Link Here

You will create a Clickbank affiliate ID or "nickname"  that will be used in all the links that you create to direct traffic to our site.

Once you have your Clickbank affilate ID (nickname), you will be able to start promoting the Truth of Addiction program. You'll earn a whopping 75% commission on purchases made through your affiliate link (hoplink).

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