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Truth Of Addiction Review – How to Help Someone with Addiction

The Truth of Addiction has the answer to some of the toughest questions about addiction. There are many reasons why some people become addicted, but whatever the reason may be, the Truth Of Addiction program uses evidence-based ways to help anyone overcome their urges, cravings and some of the toughest addiction problems.

The majority of people do not understand why an addict will do almost anything to obtain their drug of choice. Modern science has allowed researchers to understand addiction in a whole new light. It reveals biochemical and neurological explanations of addiction. This contradicts some aspects of most rehabs using a purely psychological or moral model of treatment.

The Truth Of Addiction program is based on evidence-driven practices and gives the reader and in-depth look at how addiction affects the brain and evidence-based ways to address these issues including mindful techniques and behavioral therapy.

The techniques found in the Truth Of Addiction program is a result of over 10 years of evidence-based research by A. Scott Roberts. Claims are backed up by clinical and scientific studies. A. Scott Roberts was a long time sufferer of addiction and tells his story of becoming addicted at an early age of 15. By using evidence-based practices, he was able to manage his addiction.

Common misconceptions about addiction lead to greater problems. Suppressing cravings, graduating rehabilitation programs and the widely used acute model of addiction treatment is becoming recognized on a national level as having many problems.

As mentioned in the Truth Of Addiction e-book, addicts and the loved ones of addicts make common mistakes in mistreating addictions because they aren’t properly understood. There is scientific evidence that suggests some approaches and inexpensive methods can resolve the effects of addiction.

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What is the Truth of Addiction program?

For all people that need to get help managing their addiction, the Truth Of Addiction e-book is the cornerstone to the path to recovery. It explains what methods are backed up by research and evidence, while others are more opinion based. It explains why some methods of addiction treatment are successful while others are not.

Before beginning any expensive rehab or treatment program there are several things that addicts and loved ones of addicts should know. Abundant research and clinical studies on the efficacy of certain treatment models are available, but many people do not know where to look. The Truth Of Addiction system backs up it’s claims by references and data.

Scientists agree that addiction is a disease and must be treated properly. The acute treatment of addiction has been nationally recognized as having many problems because addiction can cause profound changes in the brain. Instead of seeking for a short-term cure for addicts, evidence suggests that managing addictions can be a life-long process.

Research shows that the current model of addiction treatment results in higher relapse, expensive and often ineffective treatment options. Whereas daily management of addiction has been shown to yield the greatest result and produce favorable outcomes.

The Truth Of Addiction program is the most in-depth evidence-based and data-driven system on how the brain operates and why many recovery methods do not work and some methods have been shown to even cause greater problems. Neuroscientists have taken great steps into understanding the brain and why many addicts break promise after promise to themselves and those they love.

Scientists refer to an addicts brain as “hijacked” because the rational parts of the brain is subdued while the instinctual part of the brain dominates it. This is because an ancient incentive reward system found in the limbic system of the brain is activated and prolonged over-stimulation of the reward center leads to an increased craving to a diminishing pleasure.

Truth Of Addiction is believed to be the most effective system to understanding addictions. Truth Of Addiction can help addicts and loved ones of addicts to deal with addiction. This evidence-based system divulges some of the most important information about recovery that is largely misunderstood.

Truth Of Addiction has been written by A. Scott. Roberts, an addict who has recovered and holds a degree in psychology, a minor in sociology, an associates in business and studies post-graduate rehabilitation counseling. He has worked at a counseling center and has changed his life by following data-driven practices that have shown to positively affect the brain and the recovery process.

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A. Scott Roberts provides an evidence-based and in-depth approach to addiction. This program reveals how research suggests that all addictions are the same within the brain and explains how the brain is “hijacked” in an addicted person. Through over 10 years of research A. Scott Roberts has put together the perfect guide to help individuals struggling with addictions to profoundly understand the brain and what evidence reveals about common treatment options.

Thousands of people have been able to successfully manage their addictions by these simple evidence based approaches to recovery. The Truth Of Addiction can help anyone to gain a greater understanding of addiction and what evidence shows about certain methods that can help reverse it.

Research shows that relapse is actually caused by negative emotions instead of physical cravings as once thought. Because of this, using mindfulness meditation techniques have been shown to help addicts to let go of negative emotions that lead to addiction and improve recovery rates.

Studying the Truth Of Addiction e-book should help an addict and loved ones of addicts to understand and implement evidence-based practices that have shown to improve recovery. From understanding how the brain operates, the common pitfalls in most rehabilitation programs and how to heal the family that is affected by addiction, this e-book covers it all.

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For all the people who have problems with addiction, the Truth Of Addiction is heaven sent. It is a evidence-based program that guides the reader step by step to an addiction free lifestyle. This is an up to date system that reveals methods that are backed up by abundant research to help individuals better manage their addictions, and why so many recovery treatments fail.

What makes Truth Of Addiction so special is that it is backed up by extensive research and references are provided to the reader. It explains why addicts often relapse, what happens to the brain of an addict and why many loved ones of addicts can actually feed the problem.

The Truth Of Addiction is not only for alcohol and drug addicts, but can also assist individuals that may have addictions with pornography, gaming, overeating, and even tanning. Addictions originate in the limbic reward center in the brain and has been described by neurosicntists as a chemical addiction.

The claims set forth in the Truth Of Addiction system are backed up by references and helps the addict as well as the loved ones of addicts to heal. It gives proper understanding of the human brain and how it is affected by addiction and what evidence-based practices have shown to reverse it.

It shows how the brain is affected by love and also how the brain is affected by negative emotions which has been shown to feed relapse. Anybody, even non-addicts, will find this e-book a very intriguing read.

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