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The conventional “acute” treatment model has been used since the 1950s, but isn’t based on science or evidence. Research shows us that  people have long-term success using evidence-based techniques that anyone can do…

Inside You’ll Discover Amazing Breakthroughs and Unusual Tips, Including:

  • A scientific approach that improved decision and behavior in its patients
  • A simple practice that “rewires” your brain out of destructive habit loops
  • Certain nutrients that boosted success rates up to 92 percent
  • Why the most common recovery programs are proven NOT to work

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  • Report 1: Why Addiction is Misunderstood and Mistreated and What Neuroscience Has to Say About it.
  • Report 2: It Doesn’t Really Matter What Your Addiction is. Addiction is Essentially the Same (Neuroscientists call addiction a “Common Neural Currency”).
  • Report 3: Having a Balanced Brain is the Secret to Success- You Don’t Want to Miss This!
  • Report 4: Clearing up the Common Misconceptions… Understanding the Addict Within, or Those You Love.
  • Report 5: The Incredible “Secret” to Restoring Depleted Neurotransmitters in the Brain. This Makes Addicts “Feel Better” Naturally and Boosts Long-term Success Rates.
  • Report 6: Why Most Rehabs go Against Science and Evidence… Daily Management of Addiction is Much Easier, Much Cheaper and Most Successful.
  • Report 7: One Unusual Trick Manages Intrusive Thoughts to USE, Increased Attention and Diminished Cravings

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  Why your addiction shouldn’t be an option (you don’t have to undergo substantial losses to beat your addiction)

  Can exercise help to quit smoking? (exercise not only improves health but promotes the birth of new neurons)

  Addicts are not always moral wrongdoers (addiction can affect anyone not just those that lack “moral rectitude”)

  Internet addiction is the new addiction (researchers find alarming evidence that internet is destroying lives)



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